Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sexy single in the city

It's ridiculous how cute I am and yet absolutely and totally single. Yes,
no man, honey, sweetheart, baby, boyfriend, husband...the terms are endless.
And the thought of suicide as a result of loneliness is also out of the question because it is an absolutely MAD idea which no person in their right mind should ever THINK about.

So here I am, been single and lonely for the last year and a half simple because of two very selfish reasons
1. I DO NOT want to be a side girlfriend
2. I haven't met any one in the last year and half who has 'tickled my fancy'

So dear God, I know you are out there and you know all the prayers that I have prayed over the last how many years and the countless stupid mistakes I've made concerning all the men in my life - please do something good. You've got my list, please make it happen.

I know it might sound selfish because there are innocent children starving out there in countries ravaged by months or years of war...however let's be honest, you created Eve to keep Adam company; and this daughter of Eve would please like a son of Adam soon because it is long over due.

Monday, July 25, 2011


The desperate house sista is defined as a young twenty- thirty-something year old who walks around our towns in every country in flashy clothes, sporting fabulous designer bags -fake ones included mind you - six inch stilletos and with brasilian weaves/hair extentions eighteen (18')  and more long blowing in the wind behind her leaving men who are constantly tantalised and tempted only by what they see, gazing after them with what is often a mixture between lust and disgust.

Most average women hate 'the desperate house sista' because they assume that she is a 'man-stealer' and 'husband-snatcher'. However whenever i see one of these young women all i  always find myself wondering is  'where the f*** did they get the money from to feed their addiction?". Basically because 50% of these women do not actually work, as in 8 -5 or run their own business.

I love the brasilian or peruvian weaves, the six inch heels i die for, and the designer bags and expensive jewellery i think about every single day....but i"m not too sure what lengths i would go to to get these things if i did not have the money to buy them for myself....or would i? I'm not entirely sure, I've thought about 'it' but i still haven't quite worked up the courage or grown the 'balls' to actually 'DO IT' so to speak.

So to my fellow female and 'desperate house-sista', i applaud you on your resourcefulness!!!! Send me a few tips if you can on how to acquire personal wealth in shoes, clothes, bags and jewellery and then and only then can i possibly begin to understand and answer the rhetorical question which i asked earlier -

''where the f*** do they get the money from to feed their addiction?''

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's interesting how i promised myself and my bloggers that i would find time and inspiration to blog about everything and anything that i felt was worth blogging about; and now about 7 months down the line i realised that i have gone back on my word.

I'm smiling as i write this - yes i have gone back on my word, but i plead that i am human and thus i am flawed and imperfect and susceptible to deceit.
Well, now that i have apologised, i must disappear back to my hectic and boring life and see what happens next and hopefully find a computer near by so that i can quickly post up a blog before i forget or feel to lazy to do so.