Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East & West

The entire world has been in some kind of up-roar against all these riots going on in the UK since satuday when a young man was gunned down by police.

It's a horrible horrible thing to happen especially at and time when the whole world is still struggling to promote peace and unity - or more like durinng a time when the UK is preparing to hold for the first time ever in its history, the 2012 Olympic games next year.

I was really shocked by the pictures and reports posted on the news and was avidly following peoples tweets on twitter #UKriots until a friend summed up the riots in one short sentence which got me thinking that i should probably worry more about myself rather than get torn up over the actions  of these rioters.

My  good  friend wrote something like this as his blackberry display status 'If the UK was an Islamic country the riots would be called UPRISINGS'.

I dont know about you, but that makes a whole load of sense to me and i truly wish a bbc or cnn reporter or some one important will come across this blog and speak out about it objectively and without prejudice because it is the TRUTH.

The east & west hypocrisy needs to stop, and a spade be called a spade. This is just not a riot instigated by young people and looters, it is without a doubt an UPRISING.