Monday, October 24, 2011


Miracles can be super magnificent. 

They take your breath away and make you bawl like a two year old, just from sheer happiness and a mix of shock as well especially when that miracle hits you unexpectedly.

I am so thankful and grateful for all the blessing the one true God and Heavenly father gives. This year i lost a friend but learned ten valuable lessons. I'm hanging onto those ten lessons like no body's business - and i am learning to shake off all the anger, hurt and disappointment and learning to *eat, pray, love* and laugh more.
                                                                                                             - * Elizabeth Gilbert

Monday, September 5, 2011


There's a sermon or book entitled 'The Waiting Room' by a preacher or author whom i can't remember the name of. It basically talks about the place you are in whilst you wait on God to answer your prayers. I've been in the waiting room on more than one occasion, maybe twenty times or more and at the moment i am still in a number of waiting rooms, one for personal things, another work related and a third and fourth a myriad of other things which i am trying patiently to receive or get an answer to.

Today i am thinking about the work related waiting which i need immediate attention and answer to my request for a miracle. My request is pretty simple, I've been working hard and i would really like my efforts to pay off by landing me a big time money maker.

God i know you hear me and you even know what i want even before i ask for it although you encourage us to 'ask and *we shall receive'
So on that note, not to be rash, rude or disrespectful, but i desperately need that miracle. You know how i get when i am put in a bad situation when i have been doing all i can in within my ability.
Please don't leave me or forsake me, its not easy and i know i should not question your timing, so i leave you on this note by being honest and saying that 'being in the waiting room is reeeeallly difficult, but I'm still waiting on you.'
Lots of love, hugs and kisses,
P.S Please provide for theENCOURAGER in my life with everything she wants and which you feel she truely deserves plus all that i want for her.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

East & West

The entire world has been in some kind of up-roar against all these riots going on in the UK since satuday when a young man was gunned down by police.

It's a horrible horrible thing to happen especially at and time when the whole world is still struggling to promote peace and unity - or more like durinng a time when the UK is preparing to hold for the first time ever in its history, the 2012 Olympic games next year.

I was really shocked by the pictures and reports posted on the news and was avidly following peoples tweets on twitter #UKriots until a friend summed up the riots in one short sentence which got me thinking that i should probably worry more about myself rather than get torn up over the actions  of these rioters.

My  good  friend wrote something like this as his blackberry display status 'If the UK was an Islamic country the riots would be called UPRISINGS'.

I dont know about you, but that makes a whole load of sense to me and i truly wish a bbc or cnn reporter or some one important will come across this blog and speak out about it objectively and without prejudice because it is the TRUTH.

The east & west hypocrisy needs to stop, and a spade be called a spade. This is just not a riot instigated by young people and looters, it is without a doubt an UPRISING.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sexy single in the city

It's ridiculous how cute I am and yet absolutely and totally single. Yes,
no man, honey, sweetheart, baby, boyfriend, husband...the terms are endless.
And the thought of suicide as a result of loneliness is also out of the question because it is an absolutely MAD idea which no person in their right mind should ever THINK about.

So here I am, been single and lonely for the last year and a half simple because of two very selfish reasons
1. I DO NOT want to be a side girlfriend
2. I haven't met any one in the last year and half who has 'tickled my fancy'

So dear God, I know you are out there and you know all the prayers that I have prayed over the last how many years and the countless stupid mistakes I've made concerning all the men in my life - please do something good. You've got my list, please make it happen.

I know it might sound selfish because there are innocent children starving out there in countries ravaged by months or years of war...however let's be honest, you created Eve to keep Adam company; and this daughter of Eve would please like a son of Adam soon because it is long over due.

Monday, July 25, 2011


The desperate house sista is defined as a young twenty- thirty-something year old who walks around our towns in every country in flashy clothes, sporting fabulous designer bags -fake ones included mind you - six inch stilletos and with brasilian weaves/hair extentions eighteen (18')  and more long blowing in the wind behind her leaving men who are constantly tantalised and tempted only by what they see, gazing after them with what is often a mixture between lust and disgust.

Most average women hate 'the desperate house sista' because they assume that she is a 'man-stealer' and 'husband-snatcher'. However whenever i see one of these young women all i  always find myself wondering is  'where the f*** did they get the money from to feed their addiction?". Basically because 50% of these women do not actually work, as in 8 -5 or run their own business.

I love the brasilian or peruvian weaves, the six inch heels i die for, and the designer bags and expensive jewellery i think about every single day....but i"m not too sure what lengths i would go to to get these things if i did not have the money to buy them for myself....or would i? I'm not entirely sure, I've thought about 'it' but i still haven't quite worked up the courage or grown the 'balls' to actually 'DO IT' so to speak.

So to my fellow female and 'desperate house-sista', i applaud you on your resourcefulness!!!! Send me a few tips if you can on how to acquire personal wealth in shoes, clothes, bags and jewellery and then and only then can i possibly begin to understand and answer the rhetorical question which i asked earlier -

''where the f*** do they get the money from to feed their addiction?''

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's interesting how i promised myself and my bloggers that i would find time and inspiration to blog about everything and anything that i felt was worth blogging about; and now about 7 months down the line i realised that i have gone back on my word.

I'm smiling as i write this - yes i have gone back on my word, but i plead that i am human and thus i am flawed and imperfect and susceptible to deceit.
Well, now that i have apologised, i must disappear back to my hectic and boring life and see what happens next and hopefully find a computer near by so that i can quickly post up a blog before i forget or feel to lazy to do so.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

And The Bride Wore....

If Charles Dickens character, Ebenezer Scrooge from his famous 19th Century novel 'A Christmas Carol' was still alive today, he would have taken one look at Catherine Middleton's dress yesterday, screwed up his face in distaste and growled 'Bah-humbug!'

The much anticipated dress has been revealed at long last and has completely and absolutely had no 'wow' factor for me what-so-ever. It was described by the so called experts in as ' the bodice and skirt's lace appliqué was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework, while the dress is made of ivory and white satin gazar. The pleated skirt was made to resemble an "opening flower" (love!), and the bodice, which was "padded at the hips, draws on the Victorian tradition of corsetry."

In my opinion which i'm allowed to have by the way, it was absolutely boring and unflattering to catherine Middleton's slender physique and may probably never be remembered for anything except that.

I'm happy she and her prince have found love and happiness in each other, something that a number of us are still struggling to find in a world and society where you can hardly trust anyone who claims they love or care about you. However, i am still going to say a resounding BAH-HUMBUG to that dress, and a big 'uh-uh' to her make up which didn't make her look any different than she did on a regular day, and hope and pray hard that the next royal bride will blow our minds with an extravagant but flattering dress which will live up to the expectation preceding it. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

More bills for the tax-Payer??

I can't wait to watch the royal wedding and finally see what the future commoner turned princess's dress looks like. I'm a big fan of weddings - yes i love the free food, the champagne and quaint party fact the whole SHA-BANG of the social event. But I also absolutely love waiting for that moment when I see the bride walk out in a dress that I can 'Ooo' and 'Aahh' about and later give my own version of 'fashion police' to.

One things been on my mind though, since the announcement of the Royal wedding, the guest list and the order of ceremonies going to take place;where is all the money coming from to pay for this big, star/royalty studded ceremony? I'm a little out-dated on my history (Mr. Dodoo one of my European history teachers will not be too pleased that i forgot all that information so quickly), but  I believe most of the English monarchs/royalties made most of their wealth off art work,jewellery, land and a number of properties and assets -wish I knew specifically what assets- Apparently from a website I just accessed on what Britain's monarch's are worth ( the royals began to pay income tax out of their own personal incomes since 1993 to avoid cut throat death duties which are often left to their families to settle after their demise.

Now I wonder, who's paying these 'incomes' to the royals which pays for the upkeep of their mansions, castles and palaces, their food and clothing, basic amenities and of course their internal and external travel trips for both royal and personal agendas and most importantly at the moment, the up-coming royal wedding?

Is the tax-payer paying for that with every swipe of their credit and visa cards? Is Britain genuinely excited about all the pomp and panache associated with this wedding or secretly grumbling on the inside whilst putting on a happy facade about the up-coming wedding?

I wish I could take a poll and find out, or better yet if I could take a stroll around the streets of London casually asking anyone who would talk to me despite the biting cold, on what their thoughts and feelings truly are.

Don't get me wrong, I am still psyched about the up coming wedding despite my inhibitions (yes I won't deny that I can be super girlie when I want to) I want to see who wore whom and especially whose dress the future princess finally wore and if it packs the punch it's anticipated to pack, considering all the secrecy which has shrouded it since the royal engagement was announced.
Oh by the way, if any one has any answers to any of my questions please, please don't hesitate to educate me because I have a compelling need to know.

Monday, April 11, 2011

For Kojo : I'm Still Here

I haven't had a chance to blog in awhile because as usual I'm suffering from that particular ailment that seems to affect every single writer out there (both accomplished and struggling) which I like to affectionately refer to as 'writers 'blog'' because it simply seems hilarious -to me that is- and much more appropriate than 'writers block'.
So this is a special post for an old friend and avid reader of my blog, who asked me why I hadn't blogged in ages when we met by chance or perhaps by fate (if you are superstitious and choose to believe in such philosophies) over the weekend at a relatively popular place in town.
Don't worry I'm still here, just a little uninspired but still here nonetheless.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A life time break

I turned on my laptop yesterday morning with the sole purpose of finishing up something I had been working on for a couple of weeks. So I did, and whilst waiting to hear from someone with some additional information, it slipped my mind to copy paste a part of my work on a word page document. Thats when my internet chose to screw me over by disconnecting on its own and leaving me bawling like a baby, when moments later I clicked submit and lost my work all together.

Now this morning the website simply won't open again, and I feel as if there is a force preventing me from doing this. I am a good person and God knows I don't deserve to be jinxed like this for the rest of my life. I am so tired of rolling downhill and not finding level ground too walk on. I want to cry all over again but its not good for my health because i'm still alive and nobody has died to warrant any tears.

I seriously need a break from all this bad karma or whatever and it would be nice if it started with the website I need to open up and for me to remember what I wrote yesterday........ I really need a break.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ugh,  I'm sitting behind my laptop once again, on a Saturday evening prowling the internet for anything exciting so that i don't go out of my mind with boredom. Yes, I'm staying in on a Saturday night, not because i choose to but because i actually have no-one and no where to go to. If i had a boyfriend I'm pretty certain i would be with him giving him some much deserved TLC, and if i had somewhere to go I'd probably be on my second round of cocktails which would undoubtedly take away my appetite for at least two days and make me loose two kilos of my hard-earned weight gain- yes i really struggled to get here, stuffed my face like no man's business.
But alas here i am, bored to the tenth degree, but delightfully curvy and voluptuous, wondering what colour to paint my nails next and why some-one won't phone me, so we have a totally meaningless conversation; but a conversation nonetheless.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lets have a toast for the douchebags

Male-bashing has never been my forte but for once in a life time I'm going to dedicate this to the douche-bags who tormented my life this weekend! I've been man-handled, dry humped and had slurred drunken words whispered into my ear about indecent things no woman should ever have to listen to.

So if you are a douche bag who's let your words and actions cause a woman to dislike you, word of advice; get sobered-up and talk to the woman you are interested without being under the influence. And most importantly keep your hungry fingers off her pristine body and keep in mind that if you are truly a sweetheart, she'll make the first move by actually reaching out, and touching you lightly on the arm or thigh throughout your conversation.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ATTENTION: Wardrobe Mal-function

Once upon a time modern day Cinderella had a dress made for her out of a beautiful fabric....the dress turned out to be a disaster and now its only three days to the ball and Cinderella has absolutely nothing to wear. Where's the fairy god mother, that the ever popular children tale speaks of, who materializes out of thin air in a puffy dress - or in this case of the twenty first century,in a lady Gaga outfit with her purse made out of pork products as her magic wand? 

When you find her let me know, I desperately need her services.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales of the blog snob

I haven't blogged in the longest time, its been over a month, I think. it's not entirely my fault because I've been rather boring and nothing interesting has happened that is worthy of blogging...
Yes I know; I can be a little snobby about what I blog about. This is not entirely my fault because in the end I actually want people to laugh or cry about something super interesting or inspiring that I have blogged about instead of read the first two lines and loose interest because my literary skills - which personally I think are pretty clever and witty- suck to the highest degree.

So I discovered a new African writer called Ben Okri over the weekend whilst I was at the hair salon giving my lovely locks some well deserved pampering whilst sweating under the sweltering heat of a hair dryer set I am very sure, at about 45 degrees Celsius. Any way before I digress and go on and on about how hot and sweaty it was under that hair dryer, I must admit that I totally fell in love with Ben Okri and the beautiful way he wove his literary style into his short stories in the novel 'Incidents at the Shrine'. I found myself bursting into laughter with each line and at each turn of page and I was pretty sure the salon girls and other clients thought I was quite mad. If you aren't a bookworm like me, I doubt if you will ever understand what I mean about discovering a literary treasure.

It all started about sixteen years ago when I discovered a book entitled 'The Singing chameleon' hidden away under layers of dust amongst my grand-dad's mountainous collection of bookshelves in corridors in their house in Tema. The book was a children's book which originally belonged to my mother- a prize she won in primary school for best English student or should I say for being a know it all- and had long been forgotten to be lost amongst those other ancient books. I discovered it by a fluke accident whilst prowling the bookshelves for any books I had not yet read; because television was too boring with its myriad of local shows which did nothing to peak the interest of a twelve year old. It was like a god-send that book; and I gobbled it all up in about four days whilst laughing to the point of tears at the quirky characters and the unpredictable and intelligent harp playing chameleon. Reading 'Incidents at the Shrine' did the same thing for me, I relived that joy which comes from reading a novel which brings so much light into your life when you are going through some really dark times in life.

I'm not done reading my new found love yet, but tonight at 11pm, him and i have a one on one date whilst everyone in my house is sleeping. I've even got my outfit picked out already to entice my new love to come to bed with me; I'll be wearing my blue satin PJ's with my hair wrapped in my satin scarf and my spectacles perched on my nose, sweetly smelling of Idylle by Geurlain, whilst I open up my new found love to the page where we last left each other, and wait for him to enthrall me with his captivating tales...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Identification With-held

I received a call today from an unidentified number and totally regretted answering the call after-wards. Cause of regret? The caller basically refused to name whom they were because I simply asked the harmless question of who the caller was.
For the next five minutes this individual goaded me into a silly game of cat and mouse by refusing to identify themselves, but offering me information about myself i.e where i lived. Then he had the guts to ask me if I was home or at work. So I gave the cheekiest  answer I could muster at the moment, 'I am on mars' - just in case he was a psychotic serial killer who would come and murder me in the comfort of my own home if i revealed my whereabouts to him- and my caller burst into guffaws of laughter which further upset me although I kept my cool and forced myself to not hang up hoping the person would eventually identify themselves.

Moments after my cheeky comment he did give me his name; sadly I still had no clue who in the world he was...???? He said he'd call back after work, so if I'm still in a good mood by then, I'll answer my phone and try and figure out who this annoying stranger is and where in the world I made his acquaintance. Until then, I am sorely pissed off!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brassiere - Weapon of destruction

I learned a new expression today  ' I no dey fear any bra',whilst chatting online with a friend and talking about the types of women he had met. Apparently it is the new pidgin English way of saying that he is not afraid of any woman...
Well that's too bad because as much as men like to say they are not afraid of any female, I know they are a little bit afraid of women partly because we are so beautifully complex, yet intriguing.

So don't mind any man who say's 'I no dey fear any bra' because trust me, the very minute you bite the corner of your lower lip with that sultry, innocent 'come hither' look in your eyes, whilst unsnapping your brassiere which supports your nubile loaded weapon, he'll be too whipped to keep rambling on about how fearless he is against 'bras' and you would be the triumphant victor of the battle he should have been afraid of in the first place. :D

Monday, January 10, 2011

Harmattan blues

The North-East Monsoon winds have swept in after much delay and turned everything into a dry dusty cracking  mess. Not my favorite weather at all, I think I prefer the rain...the kind that's a slight drizzle you can walk through without messing up your hair or freezing you to the bone.

Right now the little moisture in my nostrils are dried rock hard and glued too the walls of my nostrils - too much information?- and I have had to constantly keep my lips salved with Vaseline so that they still look inviting and not like they belong to the Bride of Frankenstein. I really wish this entire dried-out charade of a weather would pass and the rains would come and give rebirth to the earth and put an end to this tropical winter. Sadly its going to be another month or two before we see any rain, that is unless this whole global warming shift changes some more and in a exactly in a week we'll be hit by the hardest rain ever in the last couple of years.
Yes, we've messed up our pretty little world with all the un-recycled crap we throw away and all the mining for precious minerals both gold and black, but especially black gold, plus other stuff that I have no knowledge about; and now we are paying the ultimate price. No I'm not going to go into the 'If God loves us so much why doesn't he just say something and get rid of all this garbage our world is suffocating under?' monologue, I'll leave that to politicians to use so that they can further boost their campaigns- haha yea i said it!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Writers' Blog

I am suffering from a serious case of writers' block for my blog...yes pun intended. My mind is blank and I have absolutely nothing quirky to write and it is absolutely annoying - help me...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Grief and her maidens

Two deaths in 2011 within twenty-four hours of each other; this new year blows so far. People I know, but have been out of touch with for awhile but still its devastating because these are young people in their twenties like me and there are a million other twenty-something year olds walking arounnd oblivious to the fact that our clocks are ticking and we could be gone in a wink.

Its interesting you know, just this morning my sister and I were talking about the mysteries of death and wondering if our lives are just like video games, where we progress from one stage to the other until we finally finish our life time and it says 'GAME OVER'. You know what i mean don't you? Kind of like we are somewhere -a spirit maybe or an atom or entity, and after we pass certain tests we move on to be born as babies grow to adulthood, die and then our spirit moves on again to follow another course in the universe and then from there on and on, and on until we get to where we are supposed to be - presumably with God which is what i like to believe.

I've made a solemn promise to myself to truely live you know. And yes I admit, i don't want to leave now because there is so much I need and want to do badly; like find my career path in life and make a shit-load of money, be happy, get married and have beautiful babies who will love me to bits and grow old and see what the world looks like sixty years down the line. I need to do all the things I'm petrified of doing because I'm afraid to fail, I need to be open up to the prospect of being loved once again even if it means opening up to be hurt again and I need to appreciate every single person whom I come across and forgive people who have hurt me and let my family and friends know how much I love them!

Grief and her maidens might rule the world today with their tears and sad news but come tomorrow less pain and tears and an affirmation that this life, no matter how short it is, is TOTALLY worth living!