Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Forty-First Thief

Exactly five days ago, my sister received a telephone call from a fellow called Anum, who worked at a car wash in our community where we often went to get our cars washed. His reason for calling was simple; he wanted to come and wash her car and wondered if she would like him to do so. Awo agreed, her car was a dusty mess which hadn't seen water in a fortnight and there had not been any random heavy rainfall to do the job for her. The fellow turned up and did a fantastic job worthy of an Oscar -if there existed any for superb cleaning services.

It was only moments after he had left that I noticed that he had ridden off into the sunset on his bicycle with GHC 5.00 in his pocket as well as our one and only decent yellow dustpan. At first it was pretty hilarious and absolutely ludicrous that our dustpan had disappeared - until a mega search around the house and in the car turned up no dustpan.
So we concluded that we had been robbed of something subliminal, yet robbed all the same. You see, it wasn't about the item which was stolen, it was about the PRINCIPLE. Who steals a DUSTPAN?? Totally perplexed right now.

Ah well, the 'thieving' little bugger telephoned again today asking permission to come and wash the car again. I was against it, whispering desperately to my sister NOT to say yes because I was convinced he was part of a den of thieves looking to take advantage of three women who lived with no man in their mists. However Awo agreed to his request and then went on to question him in a very flat no- nonsense voice on the whereabouts of our beloved dustpan. The little bugger lied again, giving us a location to search for the dustpan - which if you are smart enough to guess by now, we still did not find.

He is coming by tomorrow or the next to wash the car, and as much as i am against it, my sister is adamant that he comes so that he can show us where exactly he placed the dustpan or whip it out of thin air like a magician doing a hat trick in order to prove his innocence or his guilt.

I am still convinced however that we have found the forty-one thief from the fabled story of Ali Baaba, tomorrow shall only tell...


  1. such an interesting story... BUT what i want to know is "who buys a yellow DUSTPAN" i guess he took it so that u girls can get a different color..

    1. me...i love yellow its like the second best colour - after purple :)

  2. there is an 'Oscar' for washing cars, it's called a 'Washcar'... hehehe ...