Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beloved and Blessed

My morning began with me thinking about someone whom i love dearly who has been going though problems with her marriage after loosing two beautiful babies. My heart aches whenever i think about those babies and i cannot imagine her pain and her loss but i thank God that he has been able to keep her upright and sane in the midst of all this tragedy and heart ache.

I don't think its fair that the one who promised to love her and support her till death do them part would abandon her and their third living child during a time when their family should be much  closer because of their shared tragedies.

I'm also angry. Angry because its not the easiest thing being a single parent or a child with a single parent...being a from a single parent family myself. The initial confusion, the questions in school, the tears and the anger.....but i also know the acceptance and the peace which comes with knowing that in spite of your past's circumstances, God has not forgotten you and has been exceedingly and abundantly gracious to you throughout your life.

My darling Mary, may you grow healthy and strong, may you be the smartest student in your class, may you be a child of God, may you achieve more than anyone on this earth can imagine you can achieve and may the circumstances of your being never cause you to doubt the reason God our Father has placed you on this earth.

Aunty Aku Loves you so much.


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