Sunday, December 19, 2010

make-up superstitions

Okay so correct me if I'm wrong but whats all the fuss about that make-up superstition? My whole weekend was taken up by a beautiful and quaint wedding of a friend from school and her long time boyfriend -yes lucky bastards they got lucky and found each other ages ago!

I love weddings, they give me the chance to check out the occasional good looking man, eat food i don't have to pay for and most importantly check out the hot clothes i can sew in the near future and the shoes i have to look out for in my local shoe stores the next time i go out hunting for heels.

Anyway, so at the wedding i notice that a couple of girlfriends who are also getting married in a couple of weeks look rather plain, it strikes me that one of them is barely wearing make -up and the other is not wearing any at all which to me is a total NO-NO!  Turns out that there is a small superstitious belief floating around for women insinuating that they have to look ugly, or wretched or untidy before their wedding day or something. So I'm thinking 'Oh hell no, this charade needs to be stopped ASAP!' and that superstition burned to the ground like a witch burned at the stake in the the time of Joan of Arc!

I love my make up, its almost like a ritual act of love making for my face. I get a little thrill as i reach for my powders and brushes and slide on the special pink lip gloss which makes my lips pout in silent invitation. Plus i want to look cute with it especially if i know i'll be at a function which requires me to dress up and take pictures. I want to be the bride who looks at the pictures of herself and her friends after the wedding day and says 'oh my goodness these gorgeous perfectly made up women are my friends!'

So ladies, fiancees, soon to be brides... screw the make-up superstition that you have to look unkempt and hairy prior to you nuptials and say yes to foundation and powder and different shades of lip gloss and perfume. Its not carved in stone some where that u need to look any less beautiful than you do on a daily basis before your big day, whoever said that is definitely dead and turned to dust now. So slap it on, pose and smile for the camera!

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