Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Victoria 'don't tell nobody'

This Christmas is like a spinning treadmill of wedding after wedding after wedding! We ended up at Victoria's Secret instead of Red Rose which was initially supposed to be our table at the dinner held after the wedding...yes too many guests without invites were doing the very Ghanaian thing of insisting they must also be seated despite not having invitations. By the way no disrespect to my fellow GH people, but lets be honest it happens many many times. Any way, by the end of the night me and my good friend 'Gail' - no that's not her real name but that's what Oprah calls her close friend so I suppose why not my close friend too huh?- realised that Victoria held no secrets at all what-so-ever!

We were in the charming company of three buxom middle aged Ga women who made us gape and laugh at their ludacris antics from the time they harassed -yes i literally mean harassed- our waiter to bring them drinks -seven beers between the three of them - till the time they started talking drunkenly loud, spilling their beers- twice in a row - and telling us personal stories about them and asking me and my good friend 'Gail' if we also lived abroad like they did (big laugh there for us you know, because it's become too ironic every time people ask us if we live in Ghana, especailly during the christmas season when all the london and American boggas -fake ones inclusive- are in town staying away from the freezing cold on the pretense that  they are visiting their families).
I turned and said to my friend 'Gail' ''How come we always ended up in the middle of some kind of crazy drama?'' and she just shrugged her head in bewilderment and we both laughed in silent agreement.

So we partied hard at that table till almost 11pm with these young old ladies and the bridal party; drinking more wine and beer and soda's whilst the waiters packed up the furniture,tables, decorations and lights  around us in an obvious indication that the party was officially over and we should gather our persons and 'skidadle'. In the end they had to turn off the lights in the hall, twice before our rowdy party got the message and finally left and went our individual ways after saying the sweetest thank you's and good byes to one another.

'Victoria's Secrets' was a good laugh and a cry and by far the star of the show she stole from the bride and groom. However it felt  really good to get home, take that cold bath, remove my cloudy contact lenses, crawl into bed in my gigantic knickers and tank top and to curl onto that side of my bed that i always do, close my eyes and slip off into that deep sleep my body badly needed.

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