Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ugh,  I'm sitting behind my laptop once again, on a Saturday evening prowling the internet for anything exciting so that i don't go out of my mind with boredom. Yes, I'm staying in on a Saturday night, not because i choose to but because i actually have no-one and no where to go to. If i had a boyfriend I'm pretty certain i would be with him giving him some much deserved TLC, and if i had somewhere to go I'd probably be on my second round of cocktails which would undoubtedly take away my appetite for at least two days and make me loose two kilos of my hard-earned weight gain- yes i really struggled to get here, stuffed my face like no man's business.
But alas here i am, bored to the tenth degree, but delightfully curvy and voluptuous, wondering what colour to paint my nails next and why some-one won't phone me, so we have a totally meaningless conversation; but a conversation nonetheless.

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