Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brassiere - Weapon of destruction

I learned a new expression today  ' I no dey fear any bra',whilst chatting online with a friend and talking about the types of women he had met. Apparently it is the new pidgin English way of saying that he is not afraid of any woman...
Well that's too bad because as much as men like to say they are not afraid of any female, I know they are a little bit afraid of women partly because we are so beautifully complex, yet intriguing.

So don't mind any man who say's 'I no dey fear any bra' because trust me, the very minute you bite the corner of your lower lip with that sultry, innocent 'come hither' look in your eyes, whilst unsnapping your brassiere which supports your nubile loaded weapon, he'll be too whipped to keep rambling on about how fearless he is against 'bras' and you would be the triumphant victor of the battle he should have been afraid of in the first place. :D


  1. Niceness, I think u should write a book! Certainly, i no de fear any bra! lol. I like complex things cuz i love to explore.... n the best part... i love taking risks (except the RAW deal)! Can't wait 2 see ur next blog! Jaliil

  2. hahaha, funny, but some of us won't fall for that, some guys happen to be very strong when it comes to resisting women.