Friday, January 14, 2011

Identification With-held

I received a call today from an unidentified number and totally regretted answering the call after-wards. Cause of regret? The caller basically refused to name whom they were because I simply asked the harmless question of who the caller was.
For the next five minutes this individual goaded me into a silly game of cat and mouse by refusing to identify themselves, but offering me information about myself i.e where i lived. Then he had the guts to ask me if I was home or at work. So I gave the cheekiest  answer I could muster at the moment, 'I am on mars' - just in case he was a psychotic serial killer who would come and murder me in the comfort of my own home if i revealed my whereabouts to him- and my caller burst into guffaws of laughter which further upset me although I kept my cool and forced myself to not hang up hoping the person would eventually identify themselves.

Moments after my cheeky comment he did give me his name; sadly I still had no clue who in the world he was...???? He said he'd call back after work, so if I'm still in a good mood by then, I'll answer my phone and try and figure out who this annoying stranger is and where in the world I made his acquaintance. Until then, I am sorely pissed off!

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