Monday, January 10, 2011

Harmattan blues

The North-East Monsoon winds have swept in after much delay and turned everything into a dry dusty cracking  mess. Not my favorite weather at all, I think I prefer the rain...the kind that's a slight drizzle you can walk through without messing up your hair or freezing you to the bone.

Right now the little moisture in my nostrils are dried rock hard and glued too the walls of my nostrils - too much information?- and I have had to constantly keep my lips salved with Vaseline so that they still look inviting and not like they belong to the Bride of Frankenstein. I really wish this entire dried-out charade of a weather would pass and the rains would come and give rebirth to the earth and put an end to this tropical winter. Sadly its going to be another month or two before we see any rain, that is unless this whole global warming shift changes some more and in a exactly in a week we'll be hit by the hardest rain ever in the last couple of years.
Yes, we've messed up our pretty little world with all the un-recycled crap we throw away and all the mining for precious minerals both gold and black, but especially black gold, plus other stuff that I have no knowledge about; and now we are paying the ultimate price. No I'm not going to go into the 'If God loves us so much why doesn't he just say something and get rid of all this garbage our world is suffocating under?' monologue, I'll leave that to politicians to use so that they can further boost their campaigns- haha yea i said it!

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