Monday, January 31, 2011

Tales of the blog snob

I haven't blogged in the longest time, its been over a month, I think. it's not entirely my fault because I've been rather boring and nothing interesting has happened that is worthy of blogging...
Yes I know; I can be a little snobby about what I blog about. This is not entirely my fault because in the end I actually want people to laugh or cry about something super interesting or inspiring that I have blogged about instead of read the first two lines and loose interest because my literary skills - which personally I think are pretty clever and witty- suck to the highest degree.

So I discovered a new African writer called Ben Okri over the weekend whilst I was at the hair salon giving my lovely locks some well deserved pampering whilst sweating under the sweltering heat of a hair dryer set I am very sure, at about 45 degrees Celsius. Any way before I digress and go on and on about how hot and sweaty it was under that hair dryer, I must admit that I totally fell in love with Ben Okri and the beautiful way he wove his literary style into his short stories in the novel 'Incidents at the Shrine'. I found myself bursting into laughter with each line and at each turn of page and I was pretty sure the salon girls and other clients thought I was quite mad. If you aren't a bookworm like me, I doubt if you will ever understand what I mean about discovering a literary treasure.

It all started about sixteen years ago when I discovered a book entitled 'The Singing chameleon' hidden away under layers of dust amongst my grand-dad's mountainous collection of bookshelves in corridors in their house in Tema. The book was a children's book which originally belonged to my mother- a prize she won in primary school for best English student or should I say for being a know it all- and had long been forgotten to be lost amongst those other ancient books. I discovered it by a fluke accident whilst prowling the bookshelves for any books I had not yet read; because television was too boring with its myriad of local shows which did nothing to peak the interest of a twelve year old. It was like a god-send that book; and I gobbled it all up in about four days whilst laughing to the point of tears at the quirky characters and the unpredictable and intelligent harp playing chameleon. Reading 'Incidents at the Shrine' did the same thing for me, I relived that joy which comes from reading a novel which brings so much light into your life when you are going through some really dark times in life.

I'm not done reading my new found love yet, but tonight at 11pm, him and i have a one on one date whilst everyone in my house is sleeping. I've even got my outfit picked out already to entice my new love to come to bed with me; I'll be wearing my blue satin PJ's with my hair wrapped in my satin scarf and my spectacles perched on my nose, sweetly smelling of Idylle by Geurlain, whilst I open up my new found love to the page where we last left each other, and wait for him to enthrall me with his captivating tales...

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  1. Ooooooooooooooohh.... I like the last few lines :-D